Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hair Stuff

I cut my own hair. It is relaxing, creative and just plain fun. I have thick, unmanageably curly hair that can frizz in the summer and be wavy in a really nerdy way in the winter. I have long come to terms with all the embarrassing ways my hair can arrange itself and just go with it.

I like to play with my thick, cowlicky hair and sculpt shapes in it with each season. I just finished my full blown Spring cut. I decided to Mohawk it. At my advanced years, this means I needed to have some sort of well designed shape in order to carry it off and not look even more comical than I need.

I solved this problem by cutting into my hair line and creating a sort of bat wing shape that defines the duck tail/Mohawk shape that I enhanced with dark dark brown which follows the Mohawk with density at the base of my skull and proceeds to become more of a highlighted effect at the crown.

I cut my sides as short as I could without making a buzzed effect. I then cut texture with merciless zeal.

I encourage everyone to cut some part of their hair. Even if it's just bangs. The empowering feeling is delicious.

By the way, the earrings I'm wearing on the top photo I purchased through Jeanne Adwani over at Intowit Designs on Ruby Lane. She is a talented artist in several medium also as well as a long time practicing astrologer.

Monday, May 12, 2008

PlaYiNg wItH MerCuRy

Mercurial significance is playing with me.

Mercury rules gamesmanship (notice, I didn’t use the word sport) Glibness, wit, quickness, moving vehicles that don’t fly. It also rules phone networks and their answering systems..

I recently received a letter (Mercury) from my insurance company regarding an accident in which blame is going to be ascribed to me. (Having my second Saturn Return)

The letter was signed by someone whose name I did not recognize.
Since I already have a pleasant relationship with my present claims adjuster, I decided to just play Mercury’s phone game and trace down what this change in my status represents.

I began at square one: A central number. From there, I was invited to ski the slippery slope of numbers and choices required to contact the name on letter. However, being familiar with Mercury and Saturn, I possessed a Magical numerical talisman: The correct extension number.

After accurately activating the magic numbers, The portals of Allstate were opened to me and I was greeted by my new claims adjuster.

After exchanging pleasantries (I love hanging with women in customer service. For the most part, they are smart, compassionate and quite helpful) I got down to business and explained that I was merely calling because I had already been communicating with a claims adjuster and was curious as to why I had been transferred.

Cathy (first name basis now) giggled and said
“Oh, that was because I had so many claims that some were transferred but the mailing was before the change.”

How adorable and witty is that?

Friday, May 09, 2008

More description of StarScent

Because I use an improvisational technique, I remain receptive to a treasure trove of inspirational surprises. Often my unusual connections between concept and composition lead to sparkling insight by my patrons of their StarsCents. Even more gratifying are deeper levels of self-compassion and insight my patrons experience as a result of their StarScent process.

From the instant I draw up my patron’s chart. I respectfully, and without personal projections, take a walk in their shoes. I tiptoe across their houses of early childhood and parental influence. I observe the subtle manifestations of motherhood (both sides). I examine their symbols of connection, work and partnership.

I choose to remain a bit in the houses that point to the whispered directions of my patrons’ souls. The soul’s physical journey: This aspect of my patrons’ lives is the secret chamber of a StarScent. Just like snowflakes, each client manifests his or her soul guidance perfectly unique.

I find it necessary to have at least one phone chat. I treasure these meetings!
The conversations shared with my patrons are touching and intimate. Together, we explore the mythical aspects of my patrons’ lives.
Through my skill, I raise up my patron’s life from the mundane to the sacred. And then, I create a perfume to reflect this.