Saturday, February 21, 2009

Shelter Tales #2- Katrina

I noticed two things as I entered the pound.

A gorgeous and deeply sad German Shepherd crying in run 6

And that Katrina’s cage was empty.

I briefly welcomed the Shepherd with a little kiss thru the wire netting and headed into the main office

“Who’s the Shepherd?” I ask John.

“GAIL! Sit down, let me get you up to date.” I cozy into a chair.

The German Shepherd is Dolly. John had been sent on a domestic abuse case where Dolly was canine collateral damage. She had been loved by her family until something went very awry. She is well fed, beautifully behaved and gorgeous. Her eyes burn with loss. She sits, wailing. A new inmate pristine in her cage. She has not soiled any area of her space. She needs to go out.

“I don’t know what the status of Dolly is going to be yet.” says John. “But we will find her a home”

I know he will do everything in his power to find one for her. However, I am always a pessimist to his optimism. But moving on I inquire:

“Where is Katrina girl?”

Katrina is an 8 year old hound like dog. Easily 100 pounds, she’s been torn from her only home in a foreclosure. John and Amy have tried to make her as comfy as possible: She lies on a fluffy, sparkling clean bed at all times and Amy gave her a little stuffed ducky that Katrina cuddles and carries with her in heart aching tenderness.

Every family or person who comes by looking for a pet is introduced to Katrina. She has lovely manners, tremendous gentleness and devotion. However, her size and age always conspire against her.

As I’m sitting down, John crows:

“Katrina got adopted!

A family came in and said they wanted to adopt a difficult to place dog. They said they had lots of love and wanted to share it with a dog that really needed it.

They didn’t care how old the dog was or what size. I introduced them to Katrina, they put her on a leash, walked her around a bit and said that they would be honored to take her into their family.”

Then he continued,
And you know what,Gail? It was so adorable... When all the paperwork was done, and they were walking her back to their car, she broke free and ran back to say good by to me! She sat down in front of me and wouldn’t leave until I kissed and hugged her good by”

We sat silently grinning back and forth.

I envisioned Katrina sitting in front of John with her saucer eyes glowing umber, silently thanking him before she left for her new life.

Today even I, the cynical misanthrope was silenced and soothed by a perfectly happy ending

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