Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Ethereal Journey Process

An Ethereal Journey is a total Custom Blending experience.

Your perfume is created from scratch. It is birthed for you alone as a brand new work of art. It is made just for you and will never be offered to another soul.

We begin with a relaxed and totally off the clock session to arrive at your fragrance profile:
What are your favorite smells? Let's include them.
What perfumes do you admire? I will integrate those aromas in your personalized scent.
What singular notes so you wish included in your perfume to make it especially for you? Rich floral Rose from Turkey? Spanish Saffron? The warmth of Vanilla? A mouth watering Chocolate or embracing Tea?

There are truly, so many indescribable luxuries in perfume that to list them all would demand far too much of your time. I promise you that your perfume will be composed of ingredients that perfectly satisfy and delight you.

After clarifying the aromas that excite and inspire you as an idividual, The Ethereal Journey centers on your life. We revisit the most wonderful and amazing experiences you have so far experienced in your life. This is so that I can recreate your feelings arising from these events in your perfume.

We also take a look at your recurring life lessons in order to create a scent that
exquisitely expresses them. This is a mystical technique that allows you more control of those areas of your life that have perhaps left you feeling a bit overwhelmed. By putting fragrant echoes of these cyclical events, you gain mastery over them.

This initial scent profile session will leave you feeling validated, unique, and will open up a completely new and heightened sense of your specialness.

Fees for Service
Fees are discussed by phone. I offer an initial complimentary phone consultation to enjoy learning about perfume, further exploring your fragrance tastes, and to offer a n opportunity to discover whether we are a good fit.

The formal Ethereal Journey has two levels. They both include a biographical writeup with your perfume. From time to time, I offer abbreviated versions of a custom perfume depending upon individual circumstances.

You are always welcome to phone me at the studio: 973 697-3628. I will answer any questions you have regarding your perfume needs.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Monday, January 22, 2007

Perfume Special -Win a Retro-Priced Ethereal Journey!

For one week only February 14 until February 21 (the absolute last day of the special). I will accept one commission for a custom perfume at the original Ethereal Journey fee of $250.00. This service level has now doubled in price but in honor of St. Valentines, I will roll back my fee for one lucky individual.

You will receive:
A personalized phone session in which we create a profile that will be used for your perfume
Several samples of your perfume biography you may keep while choosing the version you love most.
One third ounce of your finished perfume
A written documentation of your life that elevates your journey into a truly mythic legend.

I will put all the names of the interested Ethereal Voyagers into a bowl and pick one at random.

In order to create a perfect aromatic fit, which is the promised result of an Ethereal Journey, special ordered materials,tinctures as well as total immersion in you and you alone are necessary. The price tag for this kind of work reflects this demanding effort.

This rollback fee will not happen again.

Feel free to call or email me. Click here for my phone and email

LOVE LOVE LOVE Facials for two Valentines Day Special

During the month Of February, Book a 60 minute European facial and receive a free mini-facial with it.

Lay down in a garden-scented room. Listen to especially chosen music designed to completely relax you. Fall into a total relaxed state while I rub, massage, clarify and tone your skin.

And your feet! AHHHHH your little tootsies. With every European facial, I include an aromatic hot towel wrap and pepperminty fresh lotion designed to soften your feet.

Best of all, you can bring a friend, lover, enemy that you want to tame and they will receive a mini facial FOR FREE!!!!

This special offer must be pre-booked and both facials must take place at the same time.

Spaces are filling up fast. To book your facial, call the Duane Edwards Salon at 973.328.9010.
For more information about the salon, click on the title line of this post and you will be directed to the salon's website.

The Ethereal Journey-Custom Biographical Perfume

"What three defining memories?"
"What do you perceive as your life purpose?"
"What is the most important quality in a mate?"

These three examples of the types of questions you will be asked when embarking on an
Ethereal Journey

A customized perfume biography includes, but is hardly limited to your favorite scents.

Let me create an aromatic calling card for you. Together, we can explore and distill your life into an exquisite expression of your own special life story.

Are you a gentle floral? If you find you prefer a quiet romantic night with your beloved, we can mix an aphrodisiacal bouquet of rich Roses, Erotic Asian Blossoms such as Osmanthus or Ginger Lily.

Are you the guest everyone thinks to invite when they want their party to be a success? Then adorable and piquant spicy notes of Clove, Saffron and tart celery scents can add a teasing quality to your aura when you enter the room.

If the Spiritual Life inspires you, adding resinous Frankincense and other Incense notes. We can include loamy Patchouli and perk it up with green, angular qualities found in Angelica or Tarragon. If you love Musks, we can add a smoky sexy base that will make your skin smell irresistible.

You would never think of drinking or eating out of someone Else's plate, so why would you be satisfied with applying the same perfume everyone else wears?

You are a unique and special individual! Let's celebrate you by creating a never before worn perfume!


30 minute Mini-Facial Revitalize
Deep cleansing
Exfoliating honey massage
Healing Rosewater spray
Vitamin C hydrating finalizing creme

60 minute Cleansing Facial

Deep Cleansing
Exfoliating Facial Massage
Clarifying Toning and Hydration
Relaxation massage of the shoulders and neck
Aromatherapy Foot Wrap and minty fresh massage cream for tootsie toning

90 Minute Energy Massage
A unique Massage of the Feet, Head, Arms, Legs
Very special relaxation techniques using the body's own energy systems
You will be massaged specifically at key body points to create relaxation, clear toxic buildup as well as energize you.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Energy Facial

Energy Creates Beauty

Energy Sustains Beauty

Energy is what people recognize as beauty.

Energy is the force that animates all the positive as well as negative effects we see around us in the physical world.

Your Energy surrounds you in concentric rings of force fields or like an onion. These energetic fields are perpetually influenced by and in turn influence the physical body. Energy is particularly sensitive to emotions. As you feel so you receive. Emotions are fuel for getting and having whatever you desire.

Energy is weaving swirling movement. Energy is a huge influence on our body's desire for homeostasis
Homeostasis is not a state that recognizes positive or negative states, it just maintains whatever our body/mind has adapted to. That is why it is always important to think, then act, then create healthy habits.

The most important responsibility we can take on, is being accountable for our state of mind and body. If we maintain health in mind and body, we can be absolutely sure that we will be capable of caring for our loved ones and contributing to the greatest good in this world.

Maintaining this natural state of giving is very beautiful and everyone around you cannot help but notice your very special glow.

Everyone has their own individual concept of what is beautiful. The choice is always whether we succumb to the limited notion of:
a slender form
a youthful clear face
a vibrancy

True beauty is an expanded context. The pleasure we feel when we are in the presence of real, true beauty is our internal reaction to aligned vibrations of perfectly balanced energy. When the energy of a being is balanced and aligned, it is unmistakably beautiful no matter how the physical form has organized its parts.

Real beauty is the result of energetic balance.
The Energy Facial

This is a therapeutic session dedicated to harmonizing the energy flows within and around you using systems of Intuitive Touch, Reiki and Energy Meridians.

You will be gently stimulated where you were lethargic.
You will have an opportunity to release physically held emotions by gentle massage techniques.
Recurrent worries and niggling anxieties will be addressed and new insights will assist you in integrating habitual emotional roadblocks

Your Face will be lovingly cleansed, toned and detoxified with the finest botanicals and state of the art serums.
This includes:
  • Deep Cleansing and Toning with formulations chosen specifically for each individual
  • Peptide Exfoliation Masque
  • Eye massage and treatment
  • Antioxidant and healing serums

Full-body energy balancing session uniquely designed for YOU
Foot Reflexology
Gentle hands-on relaxation techniques of the arms, legs, Chakra areas and Head

It's time, Change your flow, Change your life.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

How To Have What You Want - From My Newsletter and Link

4 Simple Steps to Getting Whatever You Want



Thirst for

Care about nothing else

Never let it out of your sight

Make everything that you choose to do relates to your goal

Learn to Recognize Your Gifts

Light Gifts:

That which you did not work to have or achieve

Repetitive occurrences

Déjà vu

The aspects of you that create joy for you and others

All those things that come to you without effort on your part

Dark Gifts:

Areas of your life that you wish didn’t repeat themselves.

Difficult parts of your emotions that you need to work harder to master.

Specific groups or individuals challenge your ability to be your higher self.

Unplanned bummers.

Unique situations that you thought you would never have chosen for yourself.

Practice Non Attachment:

(Easiest after having worked with One-pointedness)

The journey toward having what you desire should be as satisfying as the attainment.

Practice fascination.

It is common to receive variations on what you thought you were asking for.

This is normal and very important.

It occurs because what you thought you were concentrating on and where you put your attention and intention were misaligned.

Meticulously examine and analyze what you got and ask yourself why this could be?

Be curious- Explore and question your results.

Practicing these acts will lead you to a new stage requiring greater mastery over your mind/emotions.

Dispassionately examine each action you take.

Pay particular attention to the interrelatedness of your results and gifts.

Cleanse yourself with gratitude

You cannot create change until you love What Is.

Loving the Now creates a fabulous future.

Please feel free to leave me questions, comments, and sharings!