Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Ethereal Journey Process

An Ethereal Journey is a total Custom Blending experience.

Your perfume is created from scratch. It is birthed for you alone as a brand new work of art. It is made just for you and will never be offered to another soul.

We begin with a relaxed and totally off the clock session to arrive at your fragrance profile:
What are your favorite smells? Let's include them.
What perfumes do you admire? I will integrate those aromas in your personalized scent.
What singular notes so you wish included in your perfume to make it especially for you? Rich floral Rose from Turkey? Spanish Saffron? The warmth of Vanilla? A mouth watering Chocolate or embracing Tea?

There are truly, so many indescribable luxuries in perfume that to list them all would demand far too much of your time. I promise you that your perfume will be composed of ingredients that perfectly satisfy and delight you.

After clarifying the aromas that excite and inspire you as an idividual, The Ethereal Journey centers on your life. We revisit the most wonderful and amazing experiences you have so far experienced in your life. This is so that I can recreate your feelings arising from these events in your perfume.

We also take a look at your recurring life lessons in order to create a scent that
exquisitely expresses them. This is a mystical technique that allows you more control of those areas of your life that have perhaps left you feeling a bit overwhelmed. By putting fragrant echoes of these cyclical events, you gain mastery over them.

This initial scent profile session will leave you feeling validated, unique, and will open up a completely new and heightened sense of your specialness.

Fees for Service
Fees are discussed by phone. I offer an initial complimentary phone consultation to enjoy learning about perfume, further exploring your fragrance tastes, and to offer a n opportunity to discover whether we are a good fit.

The formal Ethereal Journey has two levels. They both include a biographical writeup with your perfume. From time to time, I offer abbreviated versions of a custom perfume depending upon individual circumstances.

You are always welcome to phone me at the studio: 973 697-3628. I will answer any questions you have regarding your perfume needs.

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Roberto Sedycias said...

For those who want the MOST UNIQUE perfume, there is no better than a custom made one. It seems that Ethereal Journey Process will deliver the perfect perfume to suit anyone's lifestyle. Roberto Sedycias - IT Consultant