Wednesday, January 17, 2007

How To Have What You Want - From My Newsletter and Link

4 Simple Steps to Getting Whatever You Want



Thirst for

Care about nothing else

Never let it out of your sight

Make everything that you choose to do relates to your goal

Learn to Recognize Your Gifts

Light Gifts:

That which you did not work to have or achieve

Repetitive occurrences

Déjà vu

The aspects of you that create joy for you and others

All those things that come to you without effort on your part

Dark Gifts:

Areas of your life that you wish didn’t repeat themselves.

Difficult parts of your emotions that you need to work harder to master.

Specific groups or individuals challenge your ability to be your higher self.

Unplanned bummers.

Unique situations that you thought you would never have chosen for yourself.

Practice Non Attachment:

(Easiest after having worked with One-pointedness)

The journey toward having what you desire should be as satisfying as the attainment.

Practice fascination.

It is common to receive variations on what you thought you were asking for.

This is normal and very important.

It occurs because what you thought you were concentrating on and where you put your attention and intention were misaligned.

Meticulously examine and analyze what you got and ask yourself why this could be?

Be curious- Explore and question your results.

Practicing these acts will lead you to a new stage requiring greater mastery over your mind/emotions.

Dispassionately examine each action you take.

Pay particular attention to the interrelatedness of your results and gifts.

Cleanse yourself with gratitude

You cannot create change until you love What Is.

Loving the Now creates a fabulous future.

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Anonymous said...


I LOVE your perspective on this! I am going to print your comments out and carry them with me.

The mindset you discuss works -- I did this in the 60s, 70s, and 80s when focusing on different aspects of my life and how to change them for the better.

With the information overload and insane life pace of the past ten years, this way of thinking and being has gotten away from us.

Thank you for bringing this back to the forefront!

Love, Connie (Glen Rock)

Gail said...

Thank you so much Connie for joining us on the blog as well as commenting.

There is much concentration of manifestation these days which culminated this week with "The Secret" being aired on Oprah.

I think an opening has been created for all who are interested to refine their earthly experiences.

Welcome! Gail

Roxana said...

The insights you impart from a simple conversation, in a lecture or on your blog are
profound and transforming. I especially adore the four simple guidelines you shared on "How to get what you want." Masterful, thank you so much for the constant reminder to "Know One Self".