Saturday, October 27, 2007

I really can bring out radiant beauty

This is not an idle boast.

Life for me has been about sensitizing myself on a finer and finer level. When you devote every waking and sleeping moment of your life on earth paying attention, you are able to be guided strongly.

I'm not a Goddess, I am not someone who manipulates reality. But I AM super sensitive to your pulsings.

If you are willing and open, I can begin a process of correcting the misaligned pieces of your puzzle back into their spots. Let's see, other ways of describing what I do:

I can detect holdings and blocks in small muscles which lead me to more subtle flows at those points. By gently caressing holdings or with other types of pressure, I can help you release feelings you have forgotten about. The result is a kinder, happier, more open visage.

More later, Just wanted to get this down while I was thinking of it.

Friday, October 19, 2007

"How Often Should I Receive A Facial?"

This is an excellent and often asked question.

There is no one answer as professional skin therapy is dependent upon our agreed upon goals.

At all my initial sessions, I spend time reviewing and examining my clients' inclinations toward regular skin care sessions.

If my client desires to have a very special one to one session as a special occasion, I would recommend regular sessions at a minimum of one month intervals. This gives a professional cleaning while I spend most of my time doing relaxation and toning massage of the face.

Scheduled facial recommendations
  • Monthly sessions
    • maintains your current condition.
  • Bi monthly Session:
    • Disinfection begins to take effect
    • Mild inflammation
    • Acne
    • Eczema
    • Over Exposure to Sun or Wind
    • Anti-Aging Treatments
    • In between peel maintenance
  • Weekly Sessions
    • Very important for severe cases of acne and breakouts
    • Acne
    • Rosacea
    • In between peel maintanance
    • Combats dry skin and all other environmental damage
    • Maximizes anti-aging treatments

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Secret (Tongue in Cheek)

I understand how it works for me, this act called manifesting.

I am the Prima Materia, Master of my vehicle

Desire potentially results in planning.
Planning potentially results in action.
Action yields results which inform me what I was really planning to take responsibility for.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Old October

All things on earth point home in old October; sailors to sea, travelers to walls and fences, hunters to field and hollow and the long voice of the hounds, the lover to the love he has forsaken.
— Thomas Wolfe

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Playing around the center

In the beginning years of the 1970's I became a part of the North Chicago Musician scene. I was gigging a lot and meeting all different types and styles of musicians who were also working on the Near North side.

I became fascinated by the expanded potential of 12 tone music. As my studies in classical and jazz theory progressed, I desired to use my voice more instrumentally and wanted to be able to play around the groups of notes that defined a scale but were not limited to major and minor modes.

I was introduced to Fred Anderson and his fluid group of musicians. Fred took a liking to me and I was allowed to regularly sit in on gigs at the Amazing Grace coffeehouse. I was fortunate. This experience taught me about organization around intervals and playing with disparate tones. I also was able understand on a much deeper level, tonal colors.

The lessons of my year with Fred has remained with me today. Understanding the scales of perfume allows me to be fearless when I sense a major second in an evaporative bridge. It has taught me that a perfume sketch can include notes that are not always easy as long as there is a resolution that makes harmonious sense.


Monday, October 08, 2007

Building my bridge

Continuing on with the idea of creating a tart leather, I separately combined the following and after vibrating with my Hitachi Magic Wand (a superlative perfume mixer)
Clary EO
Ho Wood
Linalyl Acetate
Anise Hyssop

Caraway (one drop)
Costus 1 dr

Leather, I am ending this topic

After evaluating and finding my compot somewhat muddy yet personally appealing, I decided to see how much top I could add on. I knew that my dilution was too thick but didn't want to think the composition out yet. I am going on a rough estimate of a total of 30 per cent.

I wanted to create a challenging top but not go into ugly. Something that happens often. Luckily I like ugly and just keep whatever mistakes I make in a special What was I thinking?cabinet

I chose a separate vial of a combination that includes but is not limited to:
a fresh distillation of Violet Leaf Absolute, Neroline, Citralast (creates a bit more longevity with a fresh feel) and an overly large amount of butter absolute.

Butter is a fascinating but aggressive top. Had to blend it in better while retaining that totally outrageous first impression. So far have added an accord of softer ghee type effect with one tiny amount of Spearmint

The final Tweak

However, after sending off my accord, I decided to change the scent completely

10 per cent solutions of
Musk Tonquitine Luckily I've OD'ed so many times on this I didn't typically just pour an entire bottle into the mix. Using a dropper, I added about 10 drops. Also, while do love this particular musk, it is too sweet and adds a very gentle effect to the base and what I'm looking for is a more hide type of feel. So I continued with a wash of Tonalid for a musky feel without overtones. I also added a few drops of Vertine. I am not sure how this effected the accord as I am going purely by smell. A small bit of P Cresyl Acetate and Vernaldehyde which to me created a somewhat Buttery effect similar to Indian Sweeties.

And so I began to assemble some of my favorite bases with Leather in mind

I began by compiling notes that for me closely plus very remotely resemble hides.

I started with essences that had naughty, stubborn qualities as well as some notes that were calming, harmonizing

Beginning with Antique Sandalwood,Santalol,I continued adding

Birch Tar .01 per cent 2 drops
Choya Nakh 2 dr

Lentesque, Mastic

Helichrysum eo

A particularly waxy Orris Butter

Vetiver in 10 per cent dilution

Birch Leaf Givco

Angelica Root

Liatrice (fair amount)
Oud Incense Tict (Anh)
Fleur du Chocolat (a cocoa, honey with rare florals)Wash in alcohol with a Vetiver Wash to use as my medium.
Then I let it sit

Leather Play

Since deciding to woodshed for an indefinite period of time, I have been playing with
Scent of the day -or - week, or whatever.

I was helpfully kept on course when I decided to participate in mfd of perfumes swap. Lou, a member of the group was hosting, she's nice plus, no rules, which pretty much cinched the deal.

I decided to create a Leather accord at least and, if time allowed, build a perfume around it.

I decided to play down the smokier notes in favor of a Leather impression composed of my favorite musk bases, fresh and sour middles with some kind of top that is not generally used.