Monday, October 08, 2007

And so I began to assemble some of my favorite bases with Leather in mind

I began by compiling notes that for me closely plus very remotely resemble hides.

I started with essences that had naughty, stubborn qualities as well as some notes that were calming, harmonizing

Beginning with Antique Sandalwood,Santalol,I continued adding

Birch Tar .01 per cent 2 drops
Choya Nakh 2 dr

Lentesque, Mastic

Helichrysum eo

A particularly waxy Orris Butter

Vetiver in 10 per cent dilution

Birch Leaf Givco

Angelica Root

Liatrice (fair amount)
Oud Incense Tict (Anh)
Fleur du Chocolat (a cocoa, honey with rare florals)Wash in alcohol with a Vetiver Wash to use as my medium.
Then I let it sit


Anonymous said...

Hello Gail,

You speak about spiritual perfumery but can you explain why you made custom perfum with chemicals (leather) ?
Thanks for your "teach".

Anonymous said...

Hello Gail,

I admire your blog and also all your information about perfume, but I have a question. Why do you use chemicals for blending ?
Thanks for your "teach".

Gail said...

Hi Therese,
I generally do not include chems to my Ethereal Journey clients.

However, I have found in my practice that certain notes and overall tones are assisted in certain cases by musks, and other chems.

After so many years of custom work, I have come to find that there are clients that require nuances that can be achieved using certain chems.

Each of us individually has to decide how to identify 'Spiritual Perfumery' for ourselves.

I would never insist or assume for anyone else what constitutes a true spiritual perfume. For some it is creating only the purest of botanical essences. For others, it entails creating an aura of scent that leads to some type of epiphany.

I just facilitate whatever works for each client individually.

Great question! Gail