Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Cycles of the year

As an artist who works in scent, and a lover of hidden rhythms I try to weave all the 'signs' that lay hidden in plain sight.
Every season brings with it a new perfume that expresses the individual aspects of that place and time.

Being aware of the cycles of the year is a valuable tool for composing perfumes. Taking the time to notice every tiny molecule of scent as well as color and texture leads to unique notes to add to my perfumes.

The present summer has found me in a seductive area saturated with natural aromas. I have particularly become aware of an abundance of coumarins filling the air in my woodland haven.

Coumarins are quite lovely and popular with many people. While the general term refers to a honeyed scent of clover, hay, and sweet grasses, within this classification are multiples of the subtle fragrant shadings.

For men seeking to undertake an Ethereal Journey during the summer, I often add Oakmoss, Tobacco and Liatris to the base of their perfume. The secure and stalwart qualities of these notes afford a delicious and masculine quality to any perfume.

Women who appreciate rich ornate summer perfumes are often drawn to summer coumarins: Liatris, Hay, Mellilot and Flouve provide a mature sensuality that easily can be shaded with delightful ingredients such as Orange Flower Absolute, Lavender Absolute and all the varieties of Rose and Jasmine.

When I create scents that use bases containing the rich coumarin family, I feel connected to the Royal Houses of Europe when snuff boxes, musk wigs and violet gloves were the standard fashions of the day.

(Photo of the garden at Versailles by ?)

Calling all Violets

I'm Nobody! Who are you?
Are you—Nobody—Too?
Then there's a pair of us!
Don't tell! they'd advertise—you know!

How dreary—to be—Somebody!
How public—like a Frog—
To tell one's name—the livelong June—
To an admiring Blog!
................Emily Dickenson (with one obvious liberty.)

I think the reason I love being non-commercial is because only a very specific group of people are drawn to me. These are subtle folk. They have no need to be the biggest, the brightest, just to have the finest.

I admire the Hawks that soar the blog and webspheres. If I were capable of that kind of high flying, I would join them. But I'm shy and secluded. Every once in a while I venture out of my own Ethereal Journey and take a look at what my associates and fellow aromaphiles are up to.

I have to confess tho, I love my tiny nook in the Floral Valley. It's just the right fit for me and my fragrance posse.

If you too, are a 'nobody' with a huge spirit and inner life and have a hankering for your own special perfume, give me a shout. We're small but mighty! Gail

The Frog Prince

A perfume for unconditional love
My perfume cycle dedicated to the transforming power of love is complete and awaiting shipment to Athmay.

The myth of pure love that transforms baseness into gold is a powerful archetype that can be found in all cultures. From the Frog Prince, to Cinderella, to modern day movies. The idea of frog kissing that leads to abundant rewards is a timeless 'meme' http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=meme

I recently viewed the film "Friends With Money" and found this myth alive and well.

The perfume cycle of my version of The Frog Prince begins with

All good things begin in the swamps! Accords dedicated to the infinite cosmos of the subconscious are built upon Vetiver, Mitti and Costus root. Mellilot and Vanilla allow a hint of future seductions. Galbanum, Angelica CO2 and Tarragon assist in expressing the liquid and verdant environments of creatures that amalgamate Earth and Water.

Melissa and Violet Leaf Absolute entice a reluctant Female Lover. They urge her:

"My darling, surrender your repugnance. Kiss me,! Caress me! love me! Your affection will surely change us both.

Our heroine's interest has been piqued, she inclines closer...

Our Frog's appearance is overlooked and the fearful yet forbearing female leans down to embrace his crude form: Oakmoss, Tuberose and Seabuckthorn Berry unite to create a dark, sweet base. Touches of Osha Root, Spearmint and Peach Leaf Absolute further enhance the basenotes.

White Champa, Orange Flower Absolute and Ginger Lily Absolute assure our bountiful lady that her embrace will be held in the highest esteem.

The bargain is sealed, our lady embraces and kisses our prince and almost immediately love blossoms.

Spiritual essences of Himalayan Cedar, Saffron Attar with syrupy Carob bind to effervescent Cistus. An infusion of Cocoa and Ambrette Seed create Rich Magnificent Regality.

The healing power of love has completed the transformation.
Reptile has become Prince.

The Frog Prince's metamorphosis is also expressed in Narcissus abolute, Sandalwood, Orange flower and Oud. Musk Rose with Summer Rose Attar sweeten the completed bargain.

To retain a vegetal quality that serves to keep us humble, topnotes of THE KISS contain dollops of Violet Leaf Absolute and Galangal.

Illustration by Walter Crane

Music and Perfume! Perfume and Music!

I picked up a delightful CD in a Starbucks en route to performing hair miracles this past Saturday. Starbucks has become a convenient venue for talented performers' CD's.

Here's what I bought:
Norah Jones is the featured singer in this group that includes Lee Alexander (bass), Jim Campilongo (electric guitar), Richard Julian (Also vocals as well as guitar), Dan Reiser (Drums).

Norah Jones had me sighing in total satisfaction as I listened to LOVE ME written by Leiber and Stoller and made immortal by Elvis Presley. In her rendition of the song, Norah Jones' musical entreaty is positively sinuous.

The King would be well pleased.

My favorite vocal by Ms Jones in this CD is It's Not You It's Me by Richard Julian and Ashley Monroe. This song's a melodic country/jazzy lament. Ms. Jones' delicious vocal purity is matched only by her subtle lyrical interpretation.

Hello newcomer!

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Today is a "Bois de Nuit" day. This is the working title of a small aromatic sketch devoted to Frog Princes. This version contains: Notes of earth and water, delicate and fleeting florals topped with Violet Leaf Absolute, Tunisian Neroli and Melissa . The base is a chorus of warm vanillas and tree moss. It is vegetal and tart

Today I will create a second version of a perfume working up a sweeter yet woodsy quality.

These verdant potions are created as a prize for the contest over at my friend Lee's podsite. Lee is an amazing jeweler who uses sterling silver with beautiful semi-precious stones. If you love detail and elegance with a deep magical source as inspiration..check it out.
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