Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Cycles of the year

As an artist who works in scent, and a lover of hidden rhythms I try to weave all the 'signs' that lay hidden in plain sight.
Every season brings with it a new perfume that expresses the individual aspects of that place and time.

Being aware of the cycles of the year is a valuable tool for composing perfumes. Taking the time to notice every tiny molecule of scent as well as color and texture leads to unique notes to add to my perfumes.

The present summer has found me in a seductive area saturated with natural aromas. I have particularly become aware of an abundance of coumarins filling the air in my woodland haven.

Coumarins are quite lovely and popular with many people. While the general term refers to a honeyed scent of clover, hay, and sweet grasses, within this classification are multiples of the subtle fragrant shadings.

For men seeking to undertake an Ethereal Journey during the summer, I often add Oakmoss, Tobacco and Liatris to the base of their perfume. The secure and stalwart qualities of these notes afford a delicious and masculine quality to any perfume.

Women who appreciate rich ornate summer perfumes are often drawn to summer coumarins: Liatris, Hay, Mellilot and Flouve provide a mature sensuality that easily can be shaded with delightful ingredients such as Orange Flower Absolute, Lavender Absolute and all the varieties of Rose and Jasmine.

When I create scents that use bases containing the rich coumarin family, I feel connected to the Royal Houses of Europe when snuff boxes, musk wigs and violet gloves were the standard fashions of the day.

(Photo of the garden at Versailles by ?)

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Bonnie said...


How true that the seasons, and the scents of the seasons, are reflected in the perfumes that we wear. It goes much deeper than a lighter scent for summer, a heavier scent for winter!

Scent brings back memories, not only of people, but of places and things.

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