Thursday, December 11, 2008

Shelter Tails-Bosco

This is Bosco. The name alone is a dead giveaway that he hasn’t been loved or taken care of for a while. The name bears no resemblance to the dog I met today. It was given to him a month ago at another shelter who no longer could care for him.

Bosco needs a lot of care for a shelter dog. He has Demodectic Mange, a parasitic skin condition that requires daily pills (or subdermally). Since he is mostly Chow, he could stand a warm, soothing bath with a gentle rubdown and thorough brushing. Chows need regular brushings to keep their coats insulate-able.

This boy also needs neutering.

We don’t know much about Bosco. I approached him respectfully and he growled. Not surprising as I expect he has had no attention other than to hose down his cage inside and out and administer his pills. And while John gave him his dose today he used a noose to avoid being bitten.

I will be visiting Bosco as mush as my schedule allows and begin a process of human connection. Who knows how long that will take but unless a dog trusts me I can’t really speak to them. Hopefully, there will be some angel in my small network that can care for him more intimately.

Bosco is going to be a gorgeous dog if he gets a chance. The mange is temporary and his eyes are fabulous. Dark melted gold with great intelligence. Just the basic cleansing and once a week brushing will have his coat back to the leonine condition it obviously wants to be.

Much depends upon Bosco’s temperament. If he is kind, unaggressive and reliable, he has a small but definite chance at adoption. It will need to be a lover of long haired dogs. Someone who likes desecration; as Chow Chows are undemonstrative and subtlety is their mode of communication. It will need to be someone who understands that Chow Chows will do anything you want them to. But only if they love you. No love, nothing doing.

If Bosco proves to be aggressive, a biter, a snapper, inconsistent, a food guarder, not friendly to other dogs or even worse, children; he is going to have trouble. A miracle could happen and someone who loves and adores problem dogs could step in and take him. But that would require eyes that see potential instead of the problem standing before them.

I will do everything I can to save Bosco. The truth about stray dogs, however, remains grim.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I speak dog. It is not remarkable. What I do find remarkable are all the people in this world that don’t. Dogs are very talkative. They communicate every second with every part of their body.

It only takes a lot of observations and patience with a bit of discipline to be able to carry on a conversation with a dog. Once you have experienced a conversation with a dog, however, it is a heady and delightful experience.

Sirius is my Black Chow. He is the most inscrutable of all my dogs. The only way I can truly understand what he is saying to me is to stand and take him in. Usually we are standing because we are on a walk and he is insisting on explaining why a certain way is preferable and why. Sometimes we stand and attempt to break our language barrier for as much as 5 minutes. Sirius has learned to be patient with me. I have so many human projections that are loaded onto him that the process of stripping them away to see who he is and what he’s really telling me is one that takes time.

Speaking of human projections, Sirius is a victim of many of them. Because he is adorable, and looks like a little black bear, people always want to pet him. Usually when that happens, he is standing right next to the human (never in front, that would be considered ill mannered in canine etiquette. But quietly he stands, his head slightly inclined toward the human, tail wagging very softly and his eyes plainly saying:

“I like you. I think you smell nice but I do NOT wish to be touched.”

Inevitably, the human reaches to touch him and he jumps back quickly and with a certain amount of anxiety. It is at this point that I can tell how much dog the human is willing to speak or not. The person that speaks dog always states out loud something to the effect of:
“Oh, OK. I’ll leave you alone. No problems or hard feelings”

The person who does not speak dog will say how they have heard Chows aren't’ friendly or, even more disruptive, continue to force themselves upon him. It is owing to Sirius’ good manners that the human does not get threatened by Sirius. No growls, no bites, just an ever increasing backing up to me and a distinctive back turning. Unfortunately, Sirius' body language is rarely sufficient to get the message across: that Sirius (who is always on leash when humans are around) Is attempting to say: Peace Bro but no touch. I suppose it might be confusing to a non-speaking human that Sirius continues to approach and speak with his eyes but jumps back at an attempt at touch.

Interestingly, most kids understand Sirius’ quirk and a few have become petting friends as they were willing to spend the time just having quiet conversations with him sans petting.

I have no patience in life. It is only with a dogs that I can access an unlimited amount of it. I think this is because I find the canine heart and psyche fascinating. Sirius is a dog who has pledged his heart to me and I to him. Sirius is also a stubborn dog. Once he has felt the Spirit move him to something, he is pretty bent on doing it. However, he is always open to negotiation, providing I am able to speak his language. Plus, his desires are reasonable: A leafy glade preferably with a bushy overhang to empty his bowels, and a bit of time off leash where he can pretend he’s being all bad and running away from me. I learned from him, that if I just turn my back on him, he will trot happily behind me.

Sirius has silently assured me he will never roam far. He has also proven it time and again in the past 4 years we have been together. I remember the first time I unhooked his leash. It was an early and warm Spring dawn. I could feel him just wanting to kick up his heels and I wanted that for him more than anything. I knew I was taking something of a gamble as I told myself I trusted him, could feel our connection and just expected him to return to me. It was thrilling but no surprise when, after 30 minutes of happily sprinting from brush to lake, Sirius trotted back to me ready to be hooked back to his leash.

I think that in order to speak dog, you have to be a dog. I admit, my life is pretty much my dogs right now. Immersing myself in the canine mind has become my newest passion. The ability to speak another species’ language is by far, the most enthralling skill I have picked up in a long time. I’m hoping that the skills I learn in dog will enable me to speak other creatures’ languages.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

2008 Right Livelihood Awards

Click on the their photos to find out more about these inspiring and tireless women.
Krishnammal Jagannathan, RLA 2008
Krishnammal Jagannathan

Krishnammal and Sankaralingam Jagannathan, and their organisation LAFTI (Land for the Tillers' Freedom) (India), who receive an Award "for two long lifetimes of work dedicated to realising in practice the Gandhian vision of social justice and sustainable human development, for which they have been referred to as 'India's soul'."

Amy Goodman (RLA 2008), Picture: Michael Kee
Amy Goodman
Picture: Michael Kee

Amy Goodman (USA), founder and award-winning host of Democracy Now!, a daily grassroots, global tv/radio news hour, is honoured "for developing an innovative model of truly independent political journalism that brings to millions of people the alternative voices that are often excluded by the mainstream media."

Asha Hagi (RLA 2008)
Asha Hagi

Asha Hagi (Somalia) The Jury honours Asha Hagi "for continuing to lead at great personal risk the female participation in the peace and reconciliation process in her war-ravaged country."

Monika Hauser (Germany), gynaecologist and founder of medica mondiale, receives an Award "for her tireless commitment to working with women who have experienced the most horrific sexualised violence in some of the most dangerous countries in the world, and campaigning for them to receive social recognition and compensation."

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Links to NJ Skylands Produce and Markets

New Jersey is still potentially the garden state.

Each summer, farmers from Sussex, NJ; NY State gather locally all over the state to sell vegetables and home made products.

Today I purchased red carrots which have a peppery redolence, Amaranth leaves, tender onionskined gold potatoes, and just picked purselane.

From the Biodynamic Danaray Farm
I picked up adorable textured beeswax candles so sweet they still feel like they will drip honey. Also his one natural soap he calls Farmer's which is a Lemongrass/Cedarwood.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hair Stuff

I cut my own hair. It is relaxing, creative and just plain fun. I have thick, unmanageably curly hair that can frizz in the summer and be wavy in a really nerdy way in the winter. I have long come to terms with all the embarrassing ways my hair can arrange itself and just go with it.

I like to play with my thick, cowlicky hair and sculpt shapes in it with each season. I just finished my full blown Spring cut. I decided to Mohawk it. At my advanced years, this means I needed to have some sort of well designed shape in order to carry it off and not look even more comical than I need.

I solved this problem by cutting into my hair line and creating a sort of bat wing shape that defines the duck tail/Mohawk shape that I enhanced with dark dark brown which follows the Mohawk with density at the base of my skull and proceeds to become more of a highlighted effect at the crown.

I cut my sides as short as I could without making a buzzed effect. I then cut texture with merciless zeal.

I encourage everyone to cut some part of their hair. Even if it's just bangs. The empowering feeling is delicious.

By the way, the earrings I'm wearing on the top photo I purchased through Jeanne Adwani over at Intowit Designs on Ruby Lane. She is a talented artist in several medium also as well as a long time practicing astrologer.

Monday, May 12, 2008

PlaYiNg wItH MerCuRy

Mercurial significance is playing with me.

Mercury rules gamesmanship (notice, I didn’t use the word sport) Glibness, wit, quickness, moving vehicles that don’t fly. It also rules phone networks and their answering systems..

I recently received a letter (Mercury) from my insurance company regarding an accident in which blame is going to be ascribed to me. (Having my second Saturn Return)

The letter was signed by someone whose name I did not recognize.
Since I already have a pleasant relationship with my present claims adjuster, I decided to just play Mercury’s phone game and trace down what this change in my status represents.

I began at square one: A central number. From there, I was invited to ski the slippery slope of numbers and choices required to contact the name on letter. However, being familiar with Mercury and Saturn, I possessed a Magical numerical talisman: The correct extension number.

After accurately activating the magic numbers, The portals of Allstate were opened to me and I was greeted by my new claims adjuster.

After exchanging pleasantries (I love hanging with women in customer service. For the most part, they are smart, compassionate and quite helpful) I got down to business and explained that I was merely calling because I had already been communicating with a claims adjuster and was curious as to why I had been transferred.

Cathy (first name basis now) giggled and said
“Oh, that was because I had so many claims that some were transferred but the mailing was before the change.”

How adorable and witty is that?

Friday, May 09, 2008

More description of StarScent

Because I use an improvisational technique, I remain receptive to a treasure trove of inspirational surprises. Often my unusual connections between concept and composition lead to sparkling insight by my patrons of their StarsCents. Even more gratifying are deeper levels of self-compassion and insight my patrons experience as a result of their StarScent process.

From the instant I draw up my patron’s chart. I respectfully, and without personal projections, take a walk in their shoes. I tiptoe across their houses of early childhood and parental influence. I observe the subtle manifestations of motherhood (both sides). I examine their symbols of connection, work and partnership.

I choose to remain a bit in the houses that point to the whispered directions of my patrons’ souls. The soul’s physical journey: This aspect of my patrons’ lives is the secret chamber of a StarScent. Just like snowflakes, each client manifests his or her soul guidance perfectly unique.

I find it necessary to have at least one phone chat. I treasure these meetings!
The conversations shared with my patrons are touching and intimate. Together, we explore the mythical aspects of my patrons’ lives.
Through my skill, I raise up my patron’s life from the mundane to the sacred. And then, I create a perfume to reflect this.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Interesting bit on custom scents in the corporate perfume world

This is a short article that raises the question: With over 3000 materials in the natural and synthetic perfume world, why are signature classic reformulations so completely banal?

Friday, February 29, 2008

Excellent perspective on micro and macro

Evolvement Through Difficult Situations
"When one decides to participate in the linear the eternal perspective available offers comfort of the end result. Upon manifesting in the time-line the physical consciousness tends to disassociate with the larger viewpoint.

The condensed perspective is intense, often leading the individual into despair.

Difficult situations are sometimes necessary for the soul to evolve, and are created purposefully by the individual. We realize the unpopularity of such a creative moment when one is considering the probabilities, however, it is true that some lessons require a strong experience for evolution to occur.

The evolved perspective considers the experience and often in hindsight knows that even the most negative experience can produce a positive outcome.

The trick is to survive the moment to reap the benefits of the experience. Support from eternal energy is available, but not always called upon in the appropriate manner.

Remember that you are an eternal energy having a physical experience, not the other way around.

Instead of bemoaning the creation contemplate the information received and move forward.

Stay true to your soul and its energy, and receive the lessons and use them to move forward. Often while physical the recreation of the events occur until one comes to that conclusion.

Learn the lesson and move forward. Forgive but do not forget the moment. Difficulty can be replaced by easiness if one pays close enough attention.

Again, we realize the reluctance of those stuck in a negative pattern to receive this information, however, we feel the infinitive power of the Soul and align our energies with it, so as to help you through it.

You are not alone."



Dear Veronica,
After we die physically how long (in earth time?) do we wait before we incarnate again?

I heard that we often incarnate with the same family but that doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

For example, my sister Cathy died a few years ago. At the time of her death she was being greeted by our long time deceased grandmother.

I had a dream before my sister died and in that dream my grandmother told me not to worry about Cathy because she would take care of her.

Does this mean that my grandmother was waiting all this time for her? Or, in any other case could it be that we just keep moving along into one body right after another?

One last question: Is my sister Cathy still on the other side or has she incarnated again by now? Thank you!

Dear Barbara,

Reincarnation is not a linear process. Most on the earth plane perceive it from that point of view, however. In the larger picture there is a multi-dimension aspect that is not being considered.

For example, one may incarnate in the American Revolution then move forward so to speak into the Middle Ages.... a difficult concept to comprehend while in the time-line.

No, your sister Cathy is still in contemplation with her guides. For her the measurement of time is now irrelevant while to you it's the basis of your current existence.



After this present "linear" existence has changed into non physical, how do our opposing earthbound religious and political differences and indifference's meet up?

Is there common ground?

Or do we find ourselves continuing with the particular present religious or political systems we may have embraced?


Dear Douglas,

The linear choices of belief systems are attached to the linear life in hopes that by choosing them one will embark upon evolution.

However, it usually results in the belief systems interfering with the evolution of the soul.

Since there are multiple linear lives, the belief systems are ever evolving. The older the soul in experience the less influence the linear belief system has upon the life.

Ultimately the soul will become more involved in the process causing physical cognitive moments to be more discerning when choosing a belief system to become involved with.