Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hair Stuff

I cut my own hair. It is relaxing, creative and just plain fun. I have thick, unmanageably curly hair that can frizz in the summer and be wavy in a really nerdy way in the winter. I have long come to terms with all the embarrassing ways my hair can arrange itself and just go with it.

I like to play with my thick, cowlicky hair and sculpt shapes in it with each season. I just finished my full blown Spring cut. I decided to Mohawk it. At my advanced years, this means I needed to have some sort of well designed shape in order to carry it off and not look even more comical than I need.

I solved this problem by cutting into my hair line and creating a sort of bat wing shape that defines the duck tail/Mohawk shape that I enhanced with dark dark brown which follows the Mohawk with density at the base of my skull and proceeds to become more of a highlighted effect at the crown.

I cut my sides as short as I could without making a buzzed effect. I then cut texture with merciless zeal.

I encourage everyone to cut some part of their hair. Even if it's just bangs. The empowering feeling is delicious.

By the way, the earrings I'm wearing on the top photo I purchased through Jeanne Adwani over at Intowit Designs on Ruby Lane. She is a talented artist in several medium also as well as a long time practicing astrologer.

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