Monday, May 12, 2008

PlaYiNg wItH MerCuRy

Mercurial significance is playing with me.

Mercury rules gamesmanship (notice, I didn’t use the word sport) Glibness, wit, quickness, moving vehicles that don’t fly. It also rules phone networks and their answering systems..

I recently received a letter (Mercury) from my insurance company regarding an accident in which blame is going to be ascribed to me. (Having my second Saturn Return)

The letter was signed by someone whose name I did not recognize.
Since I already have a pleasant relationship with my present claims adjuster, I decided to just play Mercury’s phone game and trace down what this change in my status represents.

I began at square one: A central number. From there, I was invited to ski the slippery slope of numbers and choices required to contact the name on letter. However, being familiar with Mercury and Saturn, I possessed a Magical numerical talisman: The correct extension number.

After accurately activating the magic numbers, The portals of Allstate were opened to me and I was greeted by my new claims adjuster.

After exchanging pleasantries (I love hanging with women in customer service. For the most part, they are smart, compassionate and quite helpful) I got down to business and explained that I was merely calling because I had already been communicating with a claims adjuster and was curious as to why I had been transferred.

Cathy (first name basis now) giggled and said
“Oh, that was because I had so many claims that some were transferred but the mailing was before the change.”

How adorable and witty is that?

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