Monday, October 08, 2007

The final Tweak

However, after sending off my accord, I decided to change the scent completely

10 per cent solutions of
Musk Tonquitine Luckily I've OD'ed so many times on this I didn't typically just pour an entire bottle into the mix. Using a dropper, I added about 10 drops. Also, while do love this particular musk, it is too sweet and adds a very gentle effect to the base and what I'm looking for is a more hide type of feel. So I continued with a wash of Tonalid for a musky feel without overtones. I also added a few drops of Vertine. I am not sure how this effected the accord as I am going purely by smell. A small bit of P Cresyl Acetate and Vernaldehyde which to me created a somewhat Buttery effect similar to Indian Sweeties.

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