Saturday, October 27, 2007

I really can bring out radiant beauty

This is not an idle boast.

Life for me has been about sensitizing myself on a finer and finer level. When you devote every waking and sleeping moment of your life on earth paying attention, you are able to be guided strongly.

I'm not a Goddess, I am not someone who manipulates reality. But I AM super sensitive to your pulsings.

If you are willing and open, I can begin a process of correcting the misaligned pieces of your puzzle back into their spots. Let's see, other ways of describing what I do:

I can detect holdings and blocks in small muscles which lead me to more subtle flows at those points. By gently caressing holdings or with other types of pressure, I can help you release feelings you have forgotten about. The result is a kinder, happier, more open visage.

More later, Just wanted to get this down while I was thinking of it.

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