Monday, January 22, 2007

Perfume Special -Win a Retro-Priced Ethereal Journey!

For one week only February 14 until February 21 (the absolute last day of the special). I will accept one commission for a custom perfume at the original Ethereal Journey fee of $250.00. This service level has now doubled in price but in honor of St. Valentines, I will roll back my fee for one lucky individual.

You will receive:
A personalized phone session in which we create a profile that will be used for your perfume
Several samples of your perfume biography you may keep while choosing the version you love most.
One third ounce of your finished perfume
A written documentation of your life that elevates your journey into a truly mythic legend.

I will put all the names of the interested Ethereal Voyagers into a bowl and pick one at random.

In order to create a perfect aromatic fit, which is the promised result of an Ethereal Journey, special ordered materials,tinctures as well as total immersion in you and you alone are necessary. The price tag for this kind of work reflects this demanding effort.

This rollback fee will not happen again.

Feel free to call or email me. Click here for my phone and email

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