Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Energy Facial

Energy Creates Beauty

Energy Sustains Beauty

Energy is what people recognize as beauty.

Energy is the force that animates all the positive as well as negative effects we see around us in the physical world.

Your Energy surrounds you in concentric rings of force fields or like an onion. These energetic fields are perpetually influenced by and in turn influence the physical body. Energy is particularly sensitive to emotions. As you feel so you receive. Emotions are fuel for getting and having whatever you desire.

Energy is weaving swirling movement. Energy is a huge influence on our body's desire for homeostasis
Homeostasis is not a state that recognizes positive or negative states, it just maintains whatever our body/mind has adapted to. That is why it is always important to think, then act, then create healthy habits.

The most important responsibility we can take on, is being accountable for our state of mind and body. If we maintain health in mind and body, we can be absolutely sure that we will be capable of caring for our loved ones and contributing to the greatest good in this world.

Maintaining this natural state of giving is very beautiful and everyone around you cannot help but notice your very special glow.

Everyone has their own individual concept of what is beautiful. The choice is always whether we succumb to the limited notion of:
a slender form
a youthful clear face
a vibrancy

True beauty is an expanded context. The pleasure we feel when we are in the presence of real, true beauty is our internal reaction to aligned vibrations of perfectly balanced energy. When the energy of a being is balanced and aligned, it is unmistakably beautiful no matter how the physical form has organized its parts.

Real beauty is the result of energetic balance.
The Energy Facial

This is a therapeutic session dedicated to harmonizing the energy flows within and around you using systems of Intuitive Touch, Reiki and Energy Meridians.

You will be gently stimulated where you were lethargic.
You will have an opportunity to release physically held emotions by gentle massage techniques.
Recurrent worries and niggling anxieties will be addressed and new insights will assist you in integrating habitual emotional roadblocks

Your Face will be lovingly cleansed, toned and detoxified with the finest botanicals and state of the art serums.
This includes:
  • Deep Cleansing and Toning with formulations chosen specifically for each individual
  • Peptide Exfoliation Masque
  • Eye massage and treatment
  • Antioxidant and healing serums

Full-body energy balancing session uniquely designed for YOU
Foot Reflexology
Gentle hands-on relaxation techniques of the arms, legs, Chakra areas and Head

It's time, Change your flow, Change your life.

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