Monday, January 22, 2007

The Ethereal Journey-Custom Biographical Perfume

"What three defining memories?"
"What do you perceive as your life purpose?"
"What is the most important quality in a mate?"

These three examples of the types of questions you will be asked when embarking on an
Ethereal Journey

A customized perfume biography includes, but is hardly limited to your favorite scents.

Let me create an aromatic calling card for you. Together, we can explore and distill your life into an exquisite expression of your own special life story.

Are you a gentle floral? If you find you prefer a quiet romantic night with your beloved, we can mix an aphrodisiacal bouquet of rich Roses, Erotic Asian Blossoms such as Osmanthus or Ginger Lily.

Are you the guest everyone thinks to invite when they want their party to be a success? Then adorable and piquant spicy notes of Clove, Saffron and tart celery scents can add a teasing quality to your aura when you enter the room.

If the Spiritual Life inspires you, adding resinous Frankincense and other Incense notes. We can include loamy Patchouli and perk it up with green, angular qualities found in Angelica or Tarragon. If you love Musks, we can add a smoky sexy base that will make your skin smell irresistible.

You would never think of drinking or eating out of someone Else's plate, so why would you be satisfied with applying the same perfume everyone else wears?

You are a unique and special individual! Let's celebrate you by creating a never before worn perfume!

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