Monday, April 16, 2007

The Lovers' Dance

The Lovers’ Dance
Ecstatic Union
A burgeoning rod pierces the enveloping void.

A delicate, succulent sprout springs from dormancy and germinates within the earth’s womb. It rises, bursting with new life.

The copulation leading to union of thrust and encompassment is the basis of all creation.

Our chosen creations, be they physical or subtle are the children of our skillful juggling between action and nonactivity.

Learning Not To Do
I have recently acquired some 15th and 17th century singing bowls. A note was included with them that advised me to“Let the bowls be your teacher” The Bowls remain stationary and silent until my action sets their voices in motion. The bowls can be struck or rimmed. The resulting chimes and unique metallic drones contain a rich vibrational span of fundamental notes, sub and supra microtones that last for several minutes. The bowls are equally spellbinding to hear as well as play.

I find myself, as a beginner wanting to do too much. The arrow of stimulation excites me. I often thrust, or in this case, strike or rim a bit too aggressively. I notice when I give in to my desire to overplay the bowls that I miss the equally important act of receiving the tone. Music is an intimate dance of doing and non-doing. I have to remind myself to stop playing so much. To listen and take in the sounds. When I don’t stop to actively listen I can not evolve in the art of playing these sacred instruments. The economic, sensitive effort on my side results in a sweeter, fuller tone I am learning to cooperate with my bowls rather than attempting to control the experience.

Inspiration and it’s offspring, creation are dependent upon the relationship between tension and resolution, negative and positive energies. In the end, it once again all boils down to relishing and engaging with Yin and Yang.

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