Monday, March 30, 2009

Contest: Beeswax Jasmine and Ambergris hair and eyebrow wax

I have become increasingly dissatisfied with all the styling waxes out in the Universe.

I want to sculpt my very recalcitrant hair without feeling like I'm covered in sticky mess.

I want to be able to sleep one night with a styling wax and wake up able to mist my hair with one of my organic hydrosols, place my mohawk, and be done for the day.

I want to smell fabulous. Not like a melon, orange, or disgusting perfume.

I made my own using primarily raw beeswax, a bit of Jasmine Sambac wax and, just because...A tiny droplet of Ambergris infused jojoba.

Want some?

If so...just comment on this post. I will hold some kind of lottery thingy and provide some of this hair/eyebrow styling wax to one lucky reader.

Obtaining anything with real Ambergris in it for free is really really really reallllly hard!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Green Girls and HarmonyArt

These dresses are Obama campaign paraphanalia.

Anonymity is the new fame

I wonder how many people came up with this phrase at the same time as I.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Now THIS is Customer Service!

March has been an exciting time to be an esthetician/waxer.

I personally found out about the NJ proposed Brazilian Waxing Ban last year when I schlepped to New York for further certification in this genital hair removal technique.
Brazilian ban

The issue became more pressing this March when all the NJ News Media picked up the story. After the story became widespread, thousands of individual waxers, spa owners and clients protested against the Cosmetology board’s ban on this profitable service. Loosely organized groups spoke out and offered printable forms to send in to Trenton insisting this service remain legal.
Response on Ban

In truth, Brazilians, chest or back waxing has never been approved despite widespread service on these body parts.

The ban was rescinded with, I imagine stronger guidelines and regulations to come.
Ban scrapped,0,7981868.story

I have been researching hair removal waxes in earnest since last year my search has led me to question a variety of personal issues.

As a long time waxer, my biggest complaint against the common wax brands has been my observation that the commonly used (read, lowest priced) are thin and runny and more prone to abrading or even lifting off the top dermal layer causing scabbing. As an independent company, I pride myself on purchasing only the highest quality of products for my services. Ultimately, I was led to a new class of waxes that are manufactured to create a ‘shrink wrap’ technology whereby the wax adheres tightly to the body or facial hair without sticking to the skin.

“Wonderful!” I thought. That is, until it occurred to me that this very technology that allowed a superior level of adherence and depilatorization might also be toxic to the environment. Not a happy thought. I contacted 4 suppliers to ask them about this question. One supplier sent me a catalog 2 weeks after promised. Another never bothered responding to me at all. One major waxing manufacturer/distributor’s customer service rep told me “I’m sure it’s not toxic.” When I asked her about studies or msds sheets, she was unwilling to supply me with any real data.

Today I both called and emailed Ceripil’s main US headquarters with my question regarding environmental toxicity and received both a call as well as several emails from two different customer service reps. Both women assured me that they would continue to pursue a satisfactory answer to my questions.

I reach out to skin care manufacturers constantly. It is the most fun part of my business. I love to learn about the chemistry of my materials as well as connect with people who I usually assume have the same excitement and passion for the Esthetics of skin and body care.

Most of the time unfortunately, I am dismayed to find abysmal customer service. I have learned to not take this personally and move quickly on. It still surprises me however.

With delight and excitement, I am copying the courteous and professional responses I have received from Cirepil.

“Dear Gail

Thank you very much for your use and interest in our Perron Rigot Cirepil
line of wax. I have read your e-mail and found your questions of interest.

I want to be up front however in letting you know, I am unable to provide
answers at this time. I have however forwarded your questions on to our
Manufacture and laboratory and am awaiting a response.

As soon as I have been informed of any information regarding the product and
its affect on the environment, I will be happy to get back to you!

I understood that if you took the time to submit a question to our office - it was of importance to you! I am happy to work towards an answer and will reply once I have substantial information.

Congratulations on owning your own business - no matter what the size - owning one’s one is an accomplishment in itself!”

These are customer service communications that I consider to be benchmarks of personal customer care.

If you’re interested, keep checking back for updates on my hair removal services.