Monday, March 30, 2009

Contest: Beeswax Jasmine and Ambergris hair and eyebrow wax

I have become increasingly dissatisfied with all the styling waxes out in the Universe.

I want to sculpt my very recalcitrant hair without feeling like I'm covered in sticky mess.

I want to be able to sleep one night with a styling wax and wake up able to mist my hair with one of my organic hydrosols, place my mohawk, and be done for the day.

I want to smell fabulous. Not like a melon, orange, or disgusting perfume.

I made my own using primarily raw beeswax, a bit of Jasmine Sambac wax and, just because...A tiny droplet of Ambergris infused jojoba.

Want some?

If so...just comment on this post. I will hold some kind of lottery thingy and provide some of this hair/eyebrow styling wax to one lucky reader.

Obtaining anything with real Ambergris in it for free is really really really reallllly hard!


Noёlle Smith said...

Sounds Lovely! I want some, contest or otherwise! We miss you on FaceBook!
Cheers, Noelle

Hil'Lesha said...

Sounds wonderful! :)

Shelley Lynne said...

My insolent mohawk eyebrows mock all products and have earned a severe disciplining.


Bonnie Cehovet said...


I will have to have some of this. One question - will it also act as a setting gel?


Gail said...

Noelle! I spent so much time on facebook I couldn't muster the discipline to blog LOL


Gail said...


A gorgeous Taurus in one of my personal favorite fellow Taurean positions.

Gail said...


Do you shape your brows?

Thread or pluck or wax then take a decently wide basic comb, comb in a downward stroke over your brows making sure the comb is between you and a pair of small scissors and carefully and fearlessly snip at what stands out of the comb.

This leaves you with the natural outline of your brow.

You can then further enhance your brows if you like at this point (or leave them alone)

I myself am partial to bird like feathery outlines on my brows.

Gail said...


This is a strictly waxen material.

It is fairly hard but rubs off thru the heat of your hands to mildly encapsulate your hair so you can pull out strands or tendrils for more texture. It would not be appropriate for a setting tool.

It isn't going to work with rewetting either I realized. However, if you gently heat your hair with a blower you can reshape your hair.

Works best on shorter hair btw

Makes a lovely subtle perfume for the hair tho. said...

Oh my .. I want some for sure.!
Ms Gail .. I adore your work.

See you soon I hope.!
hugs, Roe Roe

nicole said...

ahh, sounds golden. funny, some utilitarian hair wax i made a while ago just started going rancid. meant to be? we shall see!

thanks for a fun contest!


Anonymous said...

hey... sounds interesting.. does it wash out with H2O, or does it need shampoo? Does it wash out easily?
It sounds so exotic and of course I want some. me me me... ahh.. welll.
xo jeanne

Gail said...

It's a wax base (mostly bee with some jojoba infusions) so it needs mild shampoo but it's so light much will absorb.

It's been all day now that I've worn some and it acted as a light texturizer as well as a humectant.

Gail said...

You bet Roe Roe

Holly Simpson said...

Gail - this wax sounds fabulous! I'd love to try some ~ whats more I'd love for my partner to try some instead of the sticky, tacky, gagglingly lolly sweet gunk he currently uses...! LOL

Is it okay for international entries? :oD

Many thanks
hollyjae [@]

Anonymous said...

The worst thing about getting older (for me) has been the long, gray, out of control eyebrows. sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and see Andy Rooney. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I need this product!
Thanks, Terri

Gail said...

Holly: Sure!

Gail said...

I love what the wax does for my brows. I also feel that the type of tlc I mentioned to Shelley that I have ritualized is crucial.

I think brows are the most defining influence in a face.

Cindy said...

I would love anything from you of course, but this would be wonderful for these silly brows which are turning white. :o( Hi ya Shelley...and when oh when will Gail come to Texas again to see ME? LOL
Cindy W.

Gail said...

Next year, SXSW?

Anonymous said...

I could really use a good styling wax. Hope I'm not to late for the drawing.