Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Time to choose the winner!

I have been playing with the eyebrow/styling wax for a week. I am having a blast!

Here is What it Does Best:

It will attract humidity to the hair.

Styling Aid
The wax allows greater finesse to those that like to create interesting sculptural effects

Lightly coats Eyebrows, Moustache, Fringe areas of short hair styles to impart control or interesting shapes

So, I'm assuming all of you who posted are still interested! Pick a number between 11 and 99. Whoever comes closest will receive my little funsy wax.

Kisses and mucho love this FABULOUS April day. Gail
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Anonymous said...

Number 36. Sounds like a nice even number to moi. Easily divisible, too.



Gail said...

JD, you win LOL email me your address and I'll send the wax off! Gail

Noёlle Smith said...

Can I buy wax anyway?
Lemme know! email me ellenoire@ellenoire.com

Gail said...

Noelle you are so funny! I'll remelt what I made and send some. I have enough for probably about 4 small samples. So.....

So, 2 more people can get this.