Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Normal Skin needs TLC too!

Boucher: Diana Leaving Her Bath

I often have the question posed to me, "How often should I get a facial?"

The skin takes approximately one month to renew itself. During this period, cells are migrating from deep below the surface. By the end of roughly 33 days, a new layer of old skin cells have migrated to the surface of the skin. In order to maintain freshness and a healthy complexion, a professional cleansing once a month will remove dead cells, exfoliate patchiness and keep your skin looking soft.

Even though you brush your teeth and floss twice or three times a day, regular visits to the dentist are necessary to remove deep down plaque. Just as your hair shows regrowth, your skin also requires maintenance facials in order to allow the natural removal of old skin cells so that newer skin shines forth.

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